Urhyme – Urhyme is a visualized lifestyle tracker

(More details will be updated soon)


Today, personal data can be collected in a variety of ways, such as IoT, wearable, and social networking. You can also view your data through dashboards provided by each vendor. These data, however, can set simple goals such as weight loss or measurement of momentum, but there is a limit to the connection to more diverse personal life goals.

Urhyme gives meaning to personal data through more specific personal goals and provides social networking through connections between users with similar interests.

Through Urhyme, personal data will be more intuitive and more directly meaningful to life and meaning than simple meaning. In addition, we will provide indicators that open up new perspectives of the data through various experts within Urhyme.


Project Date: Jan. 2016 – Dec. 2018
Tech Specs: (Frontend) React.js, Next.js, Bootstrap 4 (Backend) Scala, Play! Framework, MySQL, GCP, BigQuery, Cloud Run, Cloud SQL
Role: Founder, CEO, Software Engineer
Team #: up to 4



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