Hi there, I’m Ikwhan.

Developing web products since 1998
A Master’s student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Product Management with AI/ML.
Ex-Startup Founder, Ex-Software Engineer

For several years, I’m an expert in full-stack web development from the scratch, dealing with ETLs, APIs, Serverless, UX, and product management. I was a founder and CTO of several startups in the Bay Area for developing future-oriented products (Big Data, EduTech, Blockchain) I’m inspired by balancing between cutting-edge and old-school CS theories and algorithms.

Korean to the core, I like to find the hole-in-the-wall gourmet places when traveling around the world with my lovely wife.


Areas of Interest

  • Distributed Big Data and Deep Learning Pipeline
  • Cloud Computing/Serverless/Microservice
  • Data Mining, Data Visualization
  • Deep Learning
  • Agile Project Management and Lean Startups

Past Work

Current Projects

  • DeepFake Detection for the SMS Financial Scam (Jun. 21 ~ Present)
  • Urhyme ETL & ML Pipeline (May 2020 ~ Present): An automatic data ETL pipeline getting user’s daily activities using Google Dataflow, Apache Beam, Python, and Jupyter Notebook

Upcoming Projects

  • SendCode.to: a web-based code sendbox (like CoderPad)

Self-Directed Learning

  • Machine Learning (Coursera) Jun. 2021 ~ Present
  • Deep Learning Specialization (Coursera) Jun. 2021 ~ Present
  • The Complete Fluter Dev. Bootcamp (Udemy) Jun. 2021 ~ Present
  • Big Data with MapReduce and Hadoop (Udemy) Jun. 2021 ~ Present
  • CS246: Mining Massive Dataset (EDX & Stanford Univ. http://cs246.stanford.edu/ ) Dec. 2020 ~ Present

Past Self Learning

Personal Notes